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by thedesignary

Once upon a time I dreamt of writing for a magazine or being an editor at a publishing house. Nowadays, my dreams include my 20 month old son, Cohen, napping for longer than twenty minutes, my dog being a little less annoying than he was yesterday, and maybe, if I’m really lucky, being able to get a shower or a load of laundry in before my husband gets home from work. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have always loved to read. Reading for enjoyment took a back burner when I was in college – I was an English major and was reading a lot, but not necessarily my books of choice.  I had almost forgotten my love of reading until I picked up the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy in April 2012. I swear I didn’t wash my hair, do the dishes or make a meal for about 4 days… When I was done with that series, I learned the meaning of a book hangover.  Since then, I have read on average 3-4 books per week, and have even re-read a few series, which was something new to me (barring books I had to read multiple times in school). I have come across some absolutely magnificent authors through my reading and am so excited to gush about the books they’ve written.

My decision to start this blog has been an easy one – I have read so much – especially in the last few months – and I have so much to say about what I read; what better way to do that, then on a blog? Plus, I’m sure my husband would appreciate me spilling my guts about the book I’m reading to someone other than him! I’m no stranger to blogging, as my husband and I have poorly maintained The Seidler Family {dot} com for a couple years now. While that was always an outlet for me to discuss our family happenings, I look forward being able to share my love of the books I’m reading with you and hope you might chime in some, too. And also, I might just share whatever else is going on in my life – because I can. It is Madison Says, after all. I love getting new suggestions for books and connecting with others through our mutual love of books, television, movies, pop culture, etc.

Happy Reading!

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